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Stop worrying about your mailings.

Document communication

We are the document communication solution

FocusOne allows you to securely communicate documents via multiple channels including First Class Mail, Standard Mail, Express Mail, email and text messaging.

We will accept your data in virtually any format or seamlessly integrate directly with your software providing for a smooth and routine method to distribute letters, statement, direct mail or any other communication.

Our team will quickly and professionally manage a transition for you. We will take into account your specific data, output, reporting and regulatory requirements.

You will have a truly vast array of presentation options for your document. From simple black and white print to dynamic variable color print to secure email the only limitation is your imagination.

You're not a unique snowflake

Our document communication solutions serve a wide range of industries including health care billing, financial services, mortgage services, credit union statement processing, legal communications, commercial and consumer billing, accounts receivable management, direct mail marketing, automotive financing, utilities, as well as tax, legal and judicial services.

With a broad and deep range of experience in these industries we can craft a document communication solution to fit the special needs of your organization.

Professional design support

Our design team will offer you clear and fresh document designs that include options that fit your budget requirements and will get acted on by your recipients. All of our materials are printed in house allowing for fast turnaround times and minimal inventories.

Your documents can include dynamic variable content or images in black and white or color. We can also produce and include inserts, notices, brochures or coupons with your communication to improve communications with you recipient with minimal additional cost.


iView - All of your data, images and reports any time you need them

iView is a comprehensive reporting tool that allows you to track the delivery status of every letter you send. With this tool, you can quickly identify incorrectly addressed records, move updates, and undeliverable mail.

We also offer archiving services where we will keep an exact archival copy of the letter you sent for up to 7 years, allowing you to meet ever-increasing compliance requirements.

If a web interface does not meet your needs, we also can provide these reports electronically, in a format that will allow you to directly upload the data into your software system.

Enhanced deliverability of your message

FocusOne will correct and certify your delivery point addresses. We will automatically reroute the letter if the recipient has moved or suppress it entirely if regulations or requirements are different in the new address location. To reduce return mail FocusOne has the ability to suppress, at your instruction, delivery point addresses that we know will not reach any recipient. Additional suppression criteria can include recent bankruptcies, known vacant addresses, incarcerations, or deceased recipients. All of this contributes to a more accurate and cost effective document distribution.

Electronic solutions that save you time and money

We can deliver your message electronically, via email and SMS text message. The user can then access their document securely, via branded, mobile ready web portal, that allows you to fully track if the user accessed your document.

We can seamlessly integrate with your existing payment portal, or use one of our solutions. We also offer eSign electronic signature solutions, for communications that require these services.


Focus on data security and document integrity

FocusOne is absolutely focused on providing superior quality in all of our services. We have developed controls to ensure data and communication integrity throughout our processing steps. Individual communications are tracked from the time your data is received until the envelope is sealed or the electronic message is delivered. Formalized testing and proofing processes are employed on every communication to eliminate potential sources for error before any communication is ever delivered.

Information Security

We maintain a comprehensive information security policy and have a carefully crafted set of security controls in place covering every aspect of our operation. Our security controls our independently audited to meet or exceed multiple industry standards including SSAE 16, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS. These audits cover physical security, logical security, network security, monitoring and reporting, data integrity and privacy, change management, material tracking and quality control.

Your data is secure if disaster strikes

FocusOne maintains a business continuity plan that is centered around maintaining sufficient off-site capacity to maintain production in the event of a wide range of failures, up to and including the loss of our primary production facility. FocusOne periodically performs tests to verify that this level of service can be maintained.