Upcoming Events

Focus1 will be exhibiting at the 19th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference. May 27-29, 2015, Dallas, TX

Focus1 will be exhibiting at the HFMA Healthcare National Show. June 22-25, 2015, Orlando, FL

Focus1 will be Gold Sponsor exhibitors at the ACA International Show. July 19-21, 2015, Boston, MA

Email-based eStatement Delivery

FocusOne is proud to announce that it now has the ability to for our client to bypass the mail stream altogether, and send notices and statements securely via email. Each letter is securely encrypted using a unique password that you and your recipient agree upon, allowing sensitive information to be delivered in a manner that is secure, and complies with regulatory rules.

In the event that the email message is returned as undeliverable, the system can automatically generate a conventional letter, and place it in the mail stream immediately, requiring no intervention from the client. We also have the capability to monitor if the email was received and opened by the recipient, and can provide reports back to the client reflecting these events.